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Académie Des Sciences Du Liban
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January 19, 2017: The Académie des Sciences du Liban (ASL) has released its First Report to the Nation on the Sciences in Lebanon through a series of visits to leading institutions and government officials, after holding its 2017 General Assembly Meeting in Beirut. More on the release event and presentation of the report to university presidents and the Prime Minister of Lebanon on the ASL's Events page.

In this first report to the nation, the ASL presents an overview of the existing strengths and challenges Lebanon has in the areas of scientific research and education, and proposes a set of recommendations for leveraging these strengths and meeting these challenges.

The report culminates with a suggested top-ten list of research areas that stand to yield the highest benefit to the nation given its particular needs and limited resources. These areas are:

            1. Renewable energy and energy and environmental control
            2. Water resources research
            3. Natural resource mapping and geological research
            4. Waste management research
            5. Biodiversity research
            6. Botanical and crops research aimed at agricultural modernization
            7. Disease control research with particular emphasis on major health burdens of the Lebanese population
            8. Fundamental physics and chemistry research
            9. Pure and applied mathematics, and information science 
            10. Popularization of science.

The Report can be viewed online here and downloaded as a PDF file from this link.


The Mission of the Lebanese Academy of Sciences

The Académie des Sciences du Liban (ASL) is an independent and nonprofit institution founded by a decree from the Lebanese Government in August of 2007.

The ASL aims to play a central role in Lebanon’s scientific life, similar to that played by national academies of sciences in many countries. The ultimate goals of the ASL are to contribute directly to the growth, invigoration, and dissemination of the sciences in Lebanon, and to help in growing a world-class scientific culture that is both universal in its aspirations and responsive to the particular needs of the nation.

Much like the venerable French Academy of Sciences, which has solicitously shepherded the new academy from its conception to its inception, the ASL, as is declared in its charter, seeks to achieve the above-stated general goals by

* Providing independent advice and guidance to governmental and private institutions on matters of scientific research and education.
* Encouraging, initiating and aiding research and educational programs in the sciences.
* Helping the dissemination and promulgation of the results of scientific research.
* Facilitating the exchange of ideas and results with similar institutions around the world.
* Bestowing awards and honors on distinguished scientists.
* Exhorting young Lebanese men and women to consider careers in the sciences.
* Strengthening the links between the sciences and society by addressing the needs of the population, public health, the economy and the environment.

The members of the ASL will consist of the leading, most successful and accomplished Lebanese scientists working inside and outside of Lebanon, as well as a smaller number of prominent foreign scientists, including some who are of Lebanese origin, or who can contribute to the growth of the sciences in Lebanon.

All ASL Academicians provide their services pro bono, i.e. voluntarily, and without payment, as a public service.

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